Shirley Van De Merwe

Shirley Van De Merwe

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Willingness to travel: At home

Professional status: Freelancer

Last updated: 27 Mar 2024

Total work experience: 12 year(s)

Language skills: English,

Personal summary

I am a highly skilled and detail-focused creative professional with a wealth of experience in providing artistic direction across various projects. My track record demonstrates a proven ability to excel in retouching processes, refining techniques, enhancing brand awareness, and ensuring high-quality pre-press checks. In the realm of Artworking, I specialize in a wide array of tasks, including publication and file conversions, point-of-sale materials, press-ready materials, poster and brochure design, layout creation, typography expertise, meticulous pre-press processes, data merge, and unwavering quality control. Furthermore, my proficiency extends to the domain of Retouching, where I excel in image manipulation, artistic compositions, precise masking, expert color correction, utilization of adjustment layers, and providing creative direction with Adobe Photoshop, all with a focus on achieving high-end results. Beyond these core competencies, I bring additional strengths to the table. I am adept at managing and overseeing multiple projects concurrently, establishing and nurturing relationships, formulating innovative creative strategies, adeptly handling conflicts and issues, meticulously planning and executing projects, enhancing corporate communication, engaging stakeholders effectively, building and leading high-performing teams, and spearheading process improvement initiatives. Additionally, I am dedicated to staff training and development, ensuring that every team member reaches their full potential. In summary, I am a well-rounded creative professional who can not only deliver exceptional results in artworking and retouching but also contribute significantly to broader organizational goals through my expertise in project management, communication, leadership, and continuous improvement.

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