Logistics/Transport/Operations Project Manager

Logistics/Transport/Operations Project Manager

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Last updated: 16 Jan 2024

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In my career to date, I’ve worked across a range of sectors and industries at a senior leadership level, such as pharmaceuticals, project management, transport and logistics. Having worked for a variety of companies, I have experienced most work environments from inhouse operations for public and private companies to multi-site outsourced 3rd party enterprises, ranging from family owned businesses to multinational companies. Throughout my career, I’m proud to have led and delivered campaigns of national significance as well as winning awards for delivering company projects of strategic importance. I take enjoyment in building and nurturing enduring relationships with internal and external customers and working with all stakeholders to create and implement innovative business solutions. I’ve constantly driven my personal development to achieve a broad set of key commercial skills which I feel has contributed to becoming a well-rounded senior leader. I take huge satisfaction in coaching, developing and empowering my teams, enabling them to reach their full potential and deliver great results. Creating an engaging and supportive work culture where my teams feel trusted, happy and secure is important to me as I truly believe creating a great place to work, enables us to deliver excellent results.

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