Copywriter with specialism in educational resources and youth

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Last updated: 9 Jan 2024

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Personal summary

I have been writing content primarily aimed at youth audiences but not exclusively, for 20 years plus including projects with major media companies, gaming companies, charities and theatres. I am very versatile and adaptable. Excellent researcher and can make the complex digestible for all audiences. I am very creative and work well in developing concepts and ideas for attracting youth audiences. I also write and create online engaging content around mental health including blogs, web articles and social media posts. I have training around mental health issues and have been a wellbeing champion in workplace. I wrote for a mental health website ( currently being revamped and rebuilt) with easy to follow articles making complex issues easy to understand. This is an area I am very interested in. I have written and recorded voice over scripts foe a number of educational films.

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