Proofreading and Content Editing Specialist

Proofreading and Content Editing Specialist

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Last updated: 5 Jan 2024

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I'm a highly competent proofreader and content editor of business and general documentation. I have a wealth of experience as an English teacher, having taught more than 3000 lessons to students worldwide. I have an extensive knowledge of English teaching grammar consistently and effectively. Previously, I have extensive business experience as an executive director in the sales, marketing, and strategy fields with my major role as Vice President of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Russia for a US S&P500 corporation. With two Masters's degrees and the highly respected CELTA English language qualification, I can confidently and efficiently proofread English written documents to a very high level. My extensive career background in business enables me to add value to the proofreading and content editing of a wide range of business and marketing presentations. I am sure I can help you with your proofreading and content editing needs in English.

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