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Last updated: 9 May 2024

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Good day, My name is Mansooreh Karimbakhsh, and I am writing to express my genuine interest in the freelance position as advertised. I am eager to contribute my diverse skill set and extensive background to help your company achieve significant milestones in this dynamic and fast-paced business environment. I hold a graduate degree in Management and Consultancy from Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, complemented by an MSc in Tourism Management. With a total of 9 years of professional experience across various lead and technical roles in different industries, I have honed a versatile skill set that aligns well with the requirements of the Administration Assistant role. In my most recent role as a front desk representative in the hospitality industry, I achieved excellence in customer service and successfully established meaningful social connections. The challenges of daily operations and collaborative problem-solving with the hotel crew have strengthened my teamwork and critical-thinking skills. My 4 years of experience in commercial and sales roles have exposed me to technical environments, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of product lifecycles. I am adept at leading and delivering high-value products, creating and testing business cases, interpreting market insights, and ensuring post-sale customer satisfaction. During my MSc program, I developed a keen interest in sustainability, covering social, environmental, and financial aspects. My final project involved forecasting future markets, developing business and marketing plans, conducting risk assessments, and creating action plans for EV charging points businesses. I am passionate about creating sustainable environments and believe in the transformative power of sustainability to make the world a better place. To further enhance my knowledge, I am currently undertaking online sustainability courses and am committed to obtaining any required certifications to contribute effectively to your company's objectives. I am confident that my knowledge, adaptability, and collaborative spirit make me well-suited to interpret and fulfill the objectives of the Administration Assistant role. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your team and support the continued success of your organization. Best Regards, Mansooreh Karimbakhsh

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