Jabed Kowsar

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Last updated: 21 Apr 2024

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Personal summary

I successfully completed M.Sc. in Management Information System, having previously completed a Bachelor degree in Commerce while studying in Bangladesh. To complement my academic experience, I have attained numerous transferable skills through industry experience; most recently Information analyst at NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board and Northern care Allaince. Previously Principal Information Analyst at Arden and GEM CSU, Performance Analyst NHS (Medicine Management) and Data validation officer NHS highland, Data Analyst in Regency Linen. The analyst role has developed my deep analytical skills, provide accurate information to meet the demands and find out the organization performance and growth. This role also combined with older experience, has been instrumental in the development of my time, people, resource management and IT skills with knowledge of Excel and Word and SQL. Recently I am developing my knowledge to use Tableau. I have also developed my knowledge in data analyst and business report. I understand business process and passionate about business improvement project through consulting support. I have extensive knowledge of SQL, MS office, SAP tools and business models with some industrial experience. While working as Data analyst in various organisations, I worked on various business improvement project and maintained CRM database. At Regency Linen I also dealt with some IT projects. At NHS I have worked cross functional teams. I have the strong analytical background which can bring great deal of experience round CRM data base management.

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