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Software Engineer

With over 9 years of experience as a software engineer, I have developed robust software solutions for various companies, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies. My expertise lies in...

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

PHP 10 mySQL 10 HTML5 10 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 10 JavaScript 10 C# 10 .Net Framework (Mircosoft) 10 Web development (allg.) 10 Git 10 jQuery 10

Any project Digital

Hi there! I'm abdullahi, your all-in-one digital freelancer available on this fantastic job board. I bring a wealth of skills covering everything digital, making me your ideal partner for a variety...

Wembley, United Kingdom

Web development (allg.) 4 Java 3 SEO / SEM 5 Information graphics 4 Vector graphics programs 4 Advertising 5 Computer animation / 3D animation 4 Logo design 5 Adobe Photoshop 6 Illustration 4

Amna Ramzan

My career objective is to continuously grow and develop as a professional, leveraging my skills, knowledge, and experiences to make meaningful contributions to my organization and industry. I aim to...

London, United Kingdom

Data collection / -management 5 Mobile development 6 Web development (allg.) 5 Graphic design 5 Flutter 6

Agile, Change & Transformation

Dynamic and experienced AGILE COACH & AGILE DELIVERY MANAGER with deep comprehension of agile principles with 10 years of proven application at the team, value stream, and organization level. Excels...

Elstead, United Kingdom

Agile development 10 Lean management 10 Lean Startup 10 Change management 10 Web development (allg.) 6 PMO 5 Leadership training 4 Management 4

PHP MVC developer

HI I am web developer with more than 7 years of experience in web development using PHP. I have expertise in custom PHP, laravel and codeigniter website development. Beside this i also have strong...

LONDON, United Kingdom

Web development (allg.) 7

WordPress website Developer

A well experience website Developer with over a decade experience in website design, website development, e-commerce designing with perfect payment gateway intergeration system and SEO efficiency...

BASILDON, United Kingdom

WordPress 8 Wordpress 8 PHP 2 SEO / SEM 8 Social media marketing 9 Google Adwords 8 Google Analytics 10 SSL / TLS 9 Web design 9 Web development (allg.) 8

Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst and Data Strategist, I bring a wealth of experience in running models with statistical precision and extracting valuable insights from complex datasets. I am an accomplished and...

greater london, United Kingdom

Python 2 Data analysis 1 Workshop - customer orientation 1 Web development (allg.) 2

Head of Technology; Tech, Brand & Product Strategy; Author

Freelance tech consultant excelling in digital strategy & transformation. Spearheaded port-centric 5G projects. Expert in Digital Strategy for IT, security & innovative solutions.

London, United Kingdom

IT strategy consulting 17 Web development (allg.) 5 Author / Writer 3 Project management (IT) 17 Cyber security 5 Cloud 7 Infrastructure architecture 10 IT service management (ITSM) 10 Entrepreneur coaching 10 Network architecture 10

Jeremias Escobedo

Hello! How are you? I´m Jere, since I was a child, has been a passionate about computers since. Several branches of the IT world are the ones that caught my attention, but because I also like to...

London, United Kingdom

JavaScript 3 React (JavaScript library) 2 HTML 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 4 Node.js 2 PostgreSQL 1 Data base development 2 Web development (allg.) 2 Front-end development 2 Back-end development 1

Web designer | Developer

As a skilled developer with expertise in both website design and web development, I am a creative and detail-oriented professional dedicated to crafting exceptional digital experiences. With a...

Romford, United Kingdom
Verified experience: 1
Verified references: 1

Wordpress 5 HTML5 5 JavaScript 4 React (JavaScript library) 4 Web design 5 Web development (allg.) 5 User Experience (UX) 4 User Interface (UI) 4 CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) 4