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Life Sciences & Health Care Informatics Specialist

As a computational biologist at Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and King's College London, I combine my data analytics skills and domain knowledge to find meaning out of bio-medical data and leverage them...

London, United Kingdom

Python 6 R (programming language) 6 Data science 6 Biology 10 Health care 10 Technical consulting 5

Data Scientist

With over eight years of experience in data management, analysis, and reporting, I am a seasoned data analyst with a master's degree in data science and analytics and a certification in SQL Server....

London, United Kingdom

Transact-SQL (T-SQL) 8 SQL 8 Java 2 Python 1 R (programming language) 1 ERP consulting 4 Data analysis 4 Data science 2 Microsoft Power BI 1 Business analyse 4

Data Analyst

I am a postgraduate in Data Science with experience in data analysis, data visualization, and data modeling. I have worked with clients across various industries, including healthcare, finance, and...

Bristol, United Kingdom

Python 2 R (programming language) 1 mySQL 1 PHP 1 Database administration 1 Data analysis 1 Statistics 1

Medical Research Scientist

I am an enthusiastic medical doctor (MBBS, PhD) with vast knowledge, skills and experience in conducting research, writing and publishing. Also I have a great knowledge of data management and data...

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Good clinical practice (GCP) 7 Data science 7 Clinical Research Associate (CRA) 4 Medical Writing 7 Health care 8 Medicine 13 Internal medicine 13 IBM SPSS Statistics 7 R (programming language) 4 Microsoft Windows 15

Data Visualisation, Machine Learning Expert, and Creative Writer

Experienced Computer Vision Engineer and Data Scientist with a strong background in machine learning, data visualization, and creative writing. Skilled in developing deep learning models,...

Oldham, United Kingdom

Python 1 C++ 4 C# 1 PyTorch 1 R (programming language) 1 C 3 HTML 4 SQL 1

Data analyst

I am a data analyst with technical knowledge in the field of Data industry and Information Systems. Diversity in my career helped me to boost my management skills in all aspects. Data skills such as...

london, United Kingdom

mySQL 2 SQL 2 Tableau 3 Microsoft Power BI 2 Excel 2 google data studio 2 Python 1 R (programming language) 1

Research Data Analyst

I am a Research data analyst, with strong academic research and statistical analysis skills. I am competent in using various programs to analyse and research data. All research and data are presented...

Derby, United Kingdom

R (programming language) 3

Expert proofreading, editing, data analysis, data visualisation

I'm an environment and science professional with experience in all things data and writing. From data entry, analysis and visualisation all the way through to writing, editing and proofreading - I...

London, United Kingdom

R (programming language) 5 Data visualisation 5 Data analysis 5

Data Analyst

I hold an MSc in Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics from Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom. I am skilled in data entry and analysis using R , SQL, Tableau and excel. I collect,...

BELFAST, United Kingdom

R (programming language) 2 SQL 2 Excel 5

Business analyst | Data Analyst

Business Analyst adept at deriving actionable insights from complex data. Proficient in machine learning, aligning technology with business objectives, and effectively communicating technical...

Swansea, United Kingdom

Microsoft Power BI 2 Microsoft Office 365 4 Python 2 Business analyse 2 Data analysis 1 R (programming language) 1