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DevOps Engineer

I am a skilled DevOps Engineer with over 5 years solid hands-on experience in designing sophisticated and automated CI/CD jobs containerization of light-weight and portable applications and the...

BRADFORD, United Kingdom
Verified experience: 1
Verified references: 1

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 4 Bash (Shell) 4 Git 4 PaaS (Platform as a Service) 4 VPN (Virtual Private Network) 4 Docker 4 Ansible 4 Jenkins 4 Kubernetes 4 TCP/IP 4

Senior Software Engineer

I am senior software engineer with 20 years of commercial experience. My core technical skill is OO software development using Python and Java, and front-end development with Javascript/Typescript. I...

London, United Kingdom

Python 4 Java 12 TypeScript 1 JavaScript 3 React (JavaScript library) 2 Kubernetes 4 Agile development 10 PostgreSQL 4 Apache Spark 1 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 4

Software Engineer / Architect /Python Django Flask Developer

Experienced Architect, Developer/Integrator, Data Analyst, Mathematician, Security Specialist and Support Engineer with strong interpersonal and organisational abilities. Solid achievements in...

London, United Kingdom

Python 7 Java 8 Sybase 5 PostgreSQL 5 Data base development 6 Django (Framework) 2 Bash (Shell) 8 Pandas DataFrame 4 Docker 2 Kubernetes 2

DevOps Consultant

Cloud Native Expert. Includes DevOps, Architecture, Security, Consulting. Focused on AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Terraform, CI/CD, Security, Architecture, Networking. Certified (AWS SA Pro, GCP x 7,...

Wellingboroguh, United Kingdom

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 5 Google Cloud 5 Terraform 4 Kubernetes 4 Docker 5 NodeJs 5 Java 2 Software development 9 DevOps 5

Cloud Platform Engineer

• 18+ years of IT experience, working as Dev Ops, Cloud & Platform Lead Engineer with experience in multiple programs in Cloud, Security, Telecom NFV domains where dealing with deployments, DevOps...

Reading, United Kingdom

Anthos 1 GDCv 1 GKE 1 Ansible 5 Bash (Shell) 10 Jenkins 10 Kubernetes 7 Google Cloud 2 Openstack 7 OpenShift 7

Otto Villarin

Software applications developer, technical leader and support specialist with over 20 years experience in the industry. Interested in mobile technology development, financial software applications, ...

London, United Kingdom

C# 12 Java 10 Docker 3 Kubernetes 3 JavaScript 14 AngularJS 10 React (JavaScript library) 6 Sitecore 10 Umbraco CMS 12 ASP.NET 14

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer with several years of experience in the IT industry. Passionate and motivated by delivering exceptional results through emerging concepts and techniques. Proactively seek ways to...

Eastleigh, United Kingdom

DevOps 5 Ansible 3 Python 7 Bash (Shell) 7 Django (Framework) 4 Docker 4 Kubernetes 3 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 4 Git 4

Senior Devops Engineer

Over 17 years of IT experience in various technology areas, holding 10+ years experienced in all Lead DevOps infra engineer, Senior and Devops Engineer/consultant working on cloud migration,...

Leicester, United Kingdom

AWS,Kubernetes,Terraform,Gitlab,Jenkins etc.. 17

Senior Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer with 10+ years of Experience in building applications and ETL and ELT data pipelines to collect, store and process data for operations, analysis and reporting purposes. expertise...

North Acton, United Kingdom

Python, SQL, Docker, Kubernetes 7

DevOps Solution architect

I have 15 years of IT experience, with the last 8 years focused on DevOps and automation. I have extensive experience with various cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP) and tools such as Kubernetes,...

London, United Kingdom

Jenkins 5 Ansible 8 terraform 5 DevOps 8 Amazon Web Services (AWS) 7 Microsoft Azure 4 Kubernetes 5 Python 12 Google Cloud 2 Java 4