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Delphin N

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Last updated: 11 Jul 2024

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I'm a researcher in micro-level peace and conflict studies with an experience of more 7 years studying the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). My research interests include among other topics understanding individuals, groups, and communities' motivations to engage and disengage in violent conflicts. I use comparative approaches to compare civilians and ex-combatants by relying on mixed methodologies including colonial archives assessment, individual life histories, qualitative interviews, survey methods, and econometrics. In my research, I have been assessing why ex-combatants do decide to enlist with armed groups or rebellions and reasons that motivate them to demobilise. I'm keen to understand motivations behind violence targeting ethno-linguistic minorities across different socio-cultural contexts, and mainly in Eastern DRC and ways it unfolds into genocide killings. During my research in Eastern DRC, I enjoyed learning ways to navigate in conflict-prone zones when doing academic research while being perceived as a contested inside researcher. I'm a professional who has extensively worked in the area of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation with an experience of roughly 10 years. As planning and monitoring professional, my career experience has involved on-the-job training and coaching to empower local governments in the area of project management. A blogger and political analyst of the African Great Lakes region. Next to my mother tongue, I do fluently speak Swahili, Lingala, French and English.

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